How it Works..

At Sick Puppy, we want to make fundraising easy, fun and stress-free! After you approve your fundraising apparel, sit back and relax as orders are received and shipped from the Sick Puppy shop. 

Custom Web Page

An easy, 24 hour online ordering page for supporters to buy apparel and

donate to your cause. 

Sharing your page to supporters will give them the option to view pictures and read about your fundraiser. They can order the exact apparel they want and have it shipped directly from our store. All you have to do is send your information, approve your page and start collecting profits! 

100% Profits

Daily updates about your page and your fundraiser, making it easy to track your progress!

The profits from each sale will be delivered directly to you from Sick Puppy, so you can enjoy promoting your fundraiser and leave the stress to us! You'll receive daily updates on your page, and have the option to make edits to your page anytime. 

Ready to get started?

Send us a message about your fundraiser or cause, and we will start on your fundraising page, apparel, and get your mission started.